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Poe Spotting contest now live!

Poe Spotting contest is now live! The winner will be chosen by raffle so everyone has a fair chance :> Details on the prizes coming soon! Check this post for all the details

Also, Big Poe plushies are SOLD OUT for several months, but I still have some minor defect plushies left! You can see the individual defects on the listing here. All minor defect plushes are $5 off. I'll be adding a listing of the smaller size too once I get to them

★I'll be starting a monthly Poe pin club on Patreon soon! Sign up for our mailing list to be notified of launch★

Last thing to note, I'll be recategorizing my minor defect pins into B and C grades. Currently ALL minor defects are half off of the standard price, but that will be changing shortly! Check them out here <3