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20% of all proceeds from Poe Egglesworth items will be donated to Palomacy Pigeon and Dove Rescue!


Thank you for visiting my shop! I'm a fashion design graduate and started my Etsy shop as sewing practice during the very beginnings of my interest in design which turned into a fun side business to satisfy my need for cute! Originally I made fleece items (scarves, hats, etc.) to sell at local craft fairs, but as my confidence in sewing grew I expanded to selling at Artist's Alley in Anime Expo and other conventions.

In 2015 I purchased an embroidery machine and after much trial and error learning all about how to make my own embroidery designs, I've finally figured it out and now offer hundreds of designs all manually digitized and tested. I'd love to see what kinds of plushies or other items you come up with using the files I've made, so definitely send me a photo!

Thank you for reading <3